Xfinity Blue Dot Campaign

Xfinity Blue Dot Campaign

In 2013, Ryno was contacted by Infinity Marketing – they asked if we could lend our expertise in producing a series of voice-on-camera spokesperson commercials for a new product launch by Comcast in their Southern Division.

The launch would be tested in Chicago first then rolled out to 29 cable systems in Florida, Tennessee,  Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Indiana, and Kentucky. Ryno auditioned  talent from a four-state area and negotiated rates for multi-state usage.

Over 50 TV and 25 radio commercials were shot and recorded in Pittsburgh by Ryno Production and all post production editing  and animation was completed at Ryno’s main office. A great project with an exceptional agency that resulted in all commercials being done on time or ahead of schedule. 

Xfinity Blue Dot

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