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Here’s a comprehensive collection of all commercials on this website. If you have an idea for an advertising campaign or video project and are looking for a production company to produce it, please contact us for more information on how we can help you.

6172 TV30 Astound TVPlusApp

6166 VYVE6167 TV30 Business More Digital

6209 Vyve Broadband

SECV – Fast Internet Speed

Antietam – 1.3 Gig

HBC – 1 Gig Internet

Different Needs Different Speeds

Astound B-roll – NY / Chicago

Aerial Demo 2023 – demo

Northland B-roll – SC

Service Electric B-roll – PA

4747 NewWave_TV30_BusinessConnections_H

4758 NewWave_TV30_CloudPBX_H

6096_Vyve Ultimate Gig

6132 VYVE6133_TV30_SMBBusiness_Digital


6027_Sparklight Investment

5784_Sparklight Gulf Coast

6030_Astound Recruitment

5895_Astound/Wave SMS


6002_Astound PC Mag Resi


New Years Gig 2023

Business Most Important Asset

6105_16 Wireless Devices

Need An Internet Upgrade

Mission Impossible – Antietam

Business Needs – Scroll

enTouch Private SMB

Vyve Small Business

Vyve Country

Vyve Powered Business

Grande Tivo Alexa

Grande Digital Tools

Are You Ready TiVo Stream 4k

MyWave Portal

RCN SMS Text Message

Business Needs

Business Relies On Internet

Life Goes Fast

More Internet Speeds

Smart Technology

Grande 2-Hour Appointment

Northland Building Better

Northland 1-Gig

Multiroom TiVo DVR

RCN Elevate

RCN Unwrap

RCN Pet Halloween Contest

CableOne Investment

Vyve Cyber Monday

Ready for Internet – 1 Gig

HBC Enough Bandwidth – 1 Gig

Vyve Gigger is Better

What Is Retransmission Consent?

What Is a Black-out?

When Is Free TV Not Free?

Pay More for the Same

Negotiate with Broadcasters

Smaller Audience

Business Speed – 1 Gig

School’s Back: Imagination

RCN Business Voted Best Choice

RCN Welcome Site

Suddenlink Total Home Spokesperson

Connected Devices :15

Connected Devices – 1 Gig

RCN Business Mobility Explainer Video

RCN Business WiFi Explainer Video

RCN Managed Security Explainer Video

RCN Hosted Voice Explainer video

RCN: Caller ID on TV

Armstrong Tutorial: WiFi Modem

Frontier – Netflix on Quantum TV

Frontier FiOS Quantum TV

NewWave Whole Home DVR

Vyve Christmas Card Contest

NewWave Best Deal

Hidden Identity: Reindeer

Hidden Identity: Elf

Evolution: Cable TV

Evolution: Home Phone

Evolution: Internet

Evolution: 3 Play Bundle

Evolution: 2 Play Bundle

Fast – 1 Gig

Connect to Internet – 1 Gig

Connect to TV Everywhere

What Cable Brings You

Business Speed – Takeoff

Cubicles / Business Services

Business Speed – Delivery

School’s Back: Makeover

Back to School: Shopping

School’s Back: Camouflage

School’s Back: Swimmer

School’s Back: Dancer

School’s Back: Alarm Clocks

School’s Back: Skateboarder

Watch TV Everywhere

WiFi Tips: Broadband Needs

WiFi Tips: Router Placement

Unleash the Internet

Fastest Connection

Gil and Oscar – Scary Movie

Ad Monkey: Free Bananas

Ready for Internet – Say Hello – 1 Gig

Cable Kid – Internet

Cable Kid – Dancer

Business Speed – Time is Money

NewWave Outgrown Internet

HBC Fastest Connection

VYVE XStream Bundle

Frontier Business FiOS

Frontier Business Solution

Grande Eero Wifi

RCN Chicago Around the Clock

Vast Broadband TiVo

TV Everywhere

Cable Theft – Bigger Picture

Cable Theft – Parents’ Day

Cable Theft – Problem for Everyone

Cable Theft – It Affects Me

Cable Theft – Service Worth Paying For

Cable Theft – Amnesty

Beware of Satellite Offers

Local Service

Paperless Billing

Enough Bandwidth?

Bundle Comparison

Vyve Incredible Sale

NewWave Cloud-Based PBX

Insight March Madness Sale

Business Services – Competitive Edge

Business Services – Idea

Business Services – Today’s Marketplace

Northland TV Everywhere

Northland DVR

Suddenlink Paperless Billing

Suddenlink Faster 300 Meg

Suddenlink Anti-Satellite Spokesperson

Suddenlink Spokesperson Big Speed

Suddenlink Spokesperson Download Compare

Optimum On-Demand Tutorial

Optimum Multi-Room DVR Spanish Tutorial

Optimum Multi-Room DVR

Optimum App TV to Go

Optimum Movers

Connecting with Optimum Social Media

Buckeye Media Gateway

Buckeye Move – Split Screen

Buckeye Move – Closed Door

Grande Multi-Room TiVo

VYVE TV Everywhere

RCN Recruitment

Grande Recruitment

Holiday Kids: Phone

When I Was a Kid – Digital Cable / OND

Holiday Kids: Internet

Holiday Kids: Bundle

Holiday Kids: Digital Cable

Suddenlink NFL Network

RCN Customer Service

RCN PC Mag Readers’ Choice

Frontier Referrals

RCN 1 Gig Home Internet

Buckeye One

WiFi – High-Tech Home

Fastest Game in Town

Ditch DSL

Buckeye Express – Compare

Antietam 150 Supercharged

DSLville – Slow

Buckeye 110 Launch

Optimum Best Deal Ever

VYVE’s Big Three

Northland Bundles

Optimum Double Play

Insight Half Off Sale

Optimum Triple Play Ribbon

Optimum Best Deal of the Year

Optimum Spanish 3-Play

Suddenlink More Power Event

Suddenlink SL200 Bundle

Gil and Oscar – Morphalous

Suddenlink Big Opportunity

Mobile Mishaps – Fish Tank

Northland Home Phone

Life Made Better – You Hang Up

Cable Kid – Phone Features

Cable Kid – Phone Dad

Cable Kid – Phone Dad (ALT)

Gil and Oscar – Digital Phone

Land Line Bad Weather – Snow

Land Line Bad Weather – Rain

NewWave Home Phone

Meerkats: Connecting Devices

Gil and Oscar – Supercharged

Optimum TV to Go

Optimum City Van

Optimum Unfolding WiFi Map

Optimum Business Cloud Services

Optimum Business WiFi

Optimum Business Bill Pay

Optimum Virtual Assistant

Optimum Premium Business Tech Support

RCN Birthday Party

RCN Game Show

RCN Gotta Getta Gig: Core

Grande Spelling Bee

Buckeye Singing Family

Suddenlink Weather

Northland Customer Service

Buckeye FOX Blackout

CableOne Retransmission Consent

Optimum Freewheel

Paper City

PAC-12 Preview

When I Was a Kid – Wireless Devices

Meerkats: Do Everything Fast

Ad Monkey: 1 Mississippi

Suddenlink Premium Tech Support

RCN Gotta Getta Gig: Hybrid

Optimum To Go

Business Extra Mile

Suddenlink Switch-Up SL200

Service Electric Fox Blackout

Suddenlink On Demand Movies

VYVE Refer a Friend

Ad Monkey: Customer Service

Optimum WiFi Spanish Tutorial

Internet of Tomorrow

Ad Monkey: 2-Year Contract

Ditch the Dish – Rain Fade

Xfinity Blue Dot

Atlanta 150K Hotspots

Xfinity Triple Play DVR

Xfinity Faster Speeds

Ditch the Dish – Small Print

I Have a Dish

Satellite Neighbor – Sleep Over

Satellite Neighbor – Late Night

Talking Dish – Been Replaced

Xfinity Home Triple Play

Xfinity Home Control

Let It Rain

Anna and Her Horse – Double Rates

Business Flexibility

Anna and Her Horse – 2-Year Contract

RCN New Words Enterprise

Suddenlink Switch-Up $30

No Time for Downtime

Business Phone

Optimum Business Virtual Assistant

Business Testimonial – All Pets

Suddenlink Business 1 GIG

Alternative Sinclair

TACA Retransmission Consent

Gannett Unfair